SEO Secrets To Success

SEO Secrets To Success

By: Ayaa Wilkinsons

The algorithm of Google has changed dramatically since it was first developed in the 1990’s. SEO used to be a simple subject of content and meta tags. Many people used the technique of keyword stuffing or hidden text to beat the search engines to get a high ranking. Now, however like the internet, Google is more sophisticated. Using unethical techniques can not only be detrimental to your site, but could get it taken off the listings forever.

There are many different factors that affect SEO; in this article we will look at the single most important factor behind the ranking of one site above the other, the generation of external links. There are many different factors that determine a good link form a poor quality links. It is not only quality you need to look at, but quality. A link from one site to another is like a “vote”, it also helps with the spread of page rank, and the more links the more weight a site has. There are many different factors to look at when deciding the quality of a link, certainly a link is better than no link so even if there is the opportunity of linking and certain criteria are not met it doesn’t mean you should create a link. Just these factors are good to look at.

Firstly the keywords you want to be in the top of Google should be in the anchor text of the link. This is the actual text that is pointing to the other site in the link. Simple html can generate this. Just Google “click here” to see that the number 1 ranking site does not contain these words anywhere in the site at all. On this theory it is possible to rank for keywords even if the keywords themselves are not on the site and just in the anchor text.

Secondly it is good to have the site that is linking to you on a related topic and if it has the keywords in the title tag, even better. That means you have a site in the same industry giving you a “vote”. Blogs, article writing, specialist directories and link requests are all good tactics to get related links to you site. Why do you think I am writing this article!

Thirdly, do not under estimate Google. It will know if there are 2000 links coming from one site, or a “hidden” network of blogs and account the links accordingly. Try to get the links from different I.P’s and avoid link farms or get links quick schemes; probably Google is way ahead of anybody else, and quickly discounts any ring circles or generation techniques it finds.

Lastly try to get a link from a site with a few links on. As a general if a site has more than 50 links it is best to stay clear. Sometime Google might discount a link if it has a high volume, or only caches the area without the links. The weight of a site is distributed evenly though all the links, so the links from a site with just a few links will have more weight than from the same site with many.

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