SEO Group FAQ's

Q1. What do SEO Group do?

SEO Group specialise in establishing and enhancing internet presence for company websites by utilising world standard Search Engine Optimization tools and strategies that are specifically tailored to each client. We help you gain an edge over your competitors in order to secure more of a market share for your company.

Q2. Why Do I Need An SEO Specialist?

When internet users search for a product or service on, say Google, they normally only visit businesses listed on the first page or two. If your company is not listed on those pages you are probably missing out on a lot of extra business.

Q3. Does my web hosting service do the same SEO as a specialist?

A lot of people believe their web hosting service includes Search Engine Optimization (SEO) as part of the service. Whilst sometimes they may include a few keywords, they normally don’t use any specific formulas, campaigns or specialised strategies that expert SEO specialists do. Therefore your website may remain invisible to the spider bots, which of course means you’re also invisible to your potential customers.

Q4. Can a good SEO campaign help potential customers find us?

The main purpose of utilising specialist SEO experts is to help your potential customers find you. There is no underestimating that SEO is a VERY SPECIALISED field, and there are probably only a small handful of people who have been specifically trained in this area.

Q5. Can the Internet help increase sales?

The short answer is, definitely! The Internet is the fastest growing sales channel in the world! Optimizing your website now will give you the ultimate advantage over your competition.

Q6. Our company has IT specialists, can’t they do our SEO?

IT people have not been trained in SEO, as they are two entirely different fields. So, by having your IT people and trained SEO experts on board, you are definitely going to see results.

Q7. Is paid traffic to my website better than FREE traffic?

Quite the opposite actually. Nothing beats FREE (organic) website traffic. A lot of companies pay tens of thousands of dollars to bring traffic in to their website, when in actual fact you can spend a fraction of that and achieve better results!

Q8. What is “organic” traffic?

Organic traffic is free traffic generated by utilising effective SEO strategies in order to bring a targeted audience to your website, who are already looking for products or services from your particular industry. Organic traffic is highly valued as it is far more enduring and sustainable than paid traffic.

Q9. Why SEO Group?

We become part of your team…we’re not simply consultants or contractors…that’s just not enough in this sort of business. We become a close part of your company’s team in order to promote it in it’s true essence. We can help you get “organic” targeted traffic to your website which will ultimately increase your sales.

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