Press Release: 28 July 2010

SEO Group - Gold Coast


SEO Group Alert Gold Coast Business Website Owners



SEO Group, Search Engine Optimization Specialists on the Gold Coast, are embarking on a local marketing campaign in order to alert local business website owners about why their websites lack internet presence. A lot of business owners are not aware that their websites could be ranking higher in search engines such as Google, and therefore generating much-needed extra revenue. Professional SEO delivers measurable results that increase website ranking, indexing and traffic, resulting in generating extra revenue for your business.

An SEO Group spokesperson says “SEO is often quite daunting for a lot of people as there is usually a bunch of technical jargon associated. Most business owners have heard of the term SEO but in reality, as it is such a specialised field, don’t know exactly how SEO can help grow their business and increase revenue”.

Most website designers offer an SEO (Search Engine Optimization) element as part of their service to their customers. However this is usually restricted to just using a few keywords. Unfortunately, keywords alone are simply not enough to get your website ranking on the major search engines such as Google, and are just the tip of the iceberg for getting found on the internet.

Having a great looking website, although very important to our human visitors, does not mean your website will ever be found on the internet. By having an SEO specialist make the back-end of your website equally as attractive to the Search Engine spider bots that regularly crawl your site in order to ascertain your website’s relevance and importance, your chances of being found are phenomenally increased. If the back-end of your site is not taken care of, your potential customers won’t find you. Basically what that means is, you are most likely missing out on a lot of extra revenue for your business.

Effective Search Engine Optimization will increase the amount of organic, or free traffic to your website and ultimately reduce your cost of generating new customers. As the Internet has evolved to become a major sales channel for businesses, SEO has become a necessary part of owning a website in order to gain high Search Engine ranking so that your potential customers can find you.

Professional specialists such as SEO Group focus your Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Campaign on getting your website to dominate the search engines in your own field of expertise so that you will outrank your competition. This is achieved by utilising an array of specialised SEO strategies as well as targeted Search Engine Marketing (SEM) techniques. SEO Group say, “Creating a strong Internet presence by showcasing your company brand as well as your company image is vital for your internet success”.



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 SEO Group Alert Gold Coast Business Website Owners


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